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About Us

A Place for Everyone

We started with one simple goal: to give the outcasts, the non-traditional students, the rockers, the skaters, the high school misfits a place to fit in. We're not a place to make money; but rather to raise self-esteem. Forget the critics and the naysayers. You've got Power Chords Music. We produce live music events in Allentown. We're here for the cause. 

Rocking Out with Family and Friends

That's why we're here. We'll put your talent on stage. We'll mentor you in the music industry. And - like all bona fide rock stars - we give back to the community. Here's the simple deal: you perform; we collect donations; those donations go to a designated charity. 

We never met a musician or a cause we didn't like

What you'll learn with us is that music is the great equalizer.  Like a musical power chord, we bring together diverse people & sounds to make a powerful difference in our world, raising funds for meaningful causes while giving artists a venue to share their talent. Contact us to organize a fund-raising event or to perform at one.


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Better yet, see us in person!

We are a part of Listen LIve Music, Come out for an Open Mic or one of our shows with local and regional talent. Or see Chelsea Lyn Meyer out and about.

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